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Cooking Team Volunteer

We’re looking for people that can get involved in leading or supporting cooking tasty nutritional food for children who are experiencing holiday hunger. You’ll bring a positive energy to cook up a tasty feast to fill bellies and provide nutritional goodness to help children’s growth and development.

This maybe chopping up vegetables, leading the kitchen team, help serving food, whipping up a dessert, washing dishes or helping us to create inspiring meals.

If you feel you can bring some culinary energy, practical help and laughter to the team then we would love to hear from you!

If you’re not available in the school holidays but would like to help us prepare menus that can be prepared and cooked for by children – then get in touch.

Food Preparation Evenings
We will also be hosting some food preparation evenings before the school holidays to help us stock up the freezer with things like St Luke’s Lunch Secret Sauces.

An ideal way to get involved if you can’t help during the school holidays.

We’ll be chopping up lots of vegetables and cooking into a tomato sauce to use as a base for many of our meals – but shhh… it’s a sneaky but sure fire way of bumping up the nutritional value of the meal.

Volunteer Application Form

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