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Other Volunteer Roles

There’s plenty of other ways to get involved – if you have a skill, talent or experience that you can think of either drop Amy a line 07801 762655 or to chat about it or complete our application form to tell us about it.

Here’s some ideas:

Cafe for Parents
We’d love to provide a space for when the parents drop their children off to the group they can choose to stay and relax in a parent/carer cafe. A space for them – maybe offering hand massage, craft, space to read, catch up with friends. Can you be part of this?

We rely on the generosity of the community to fund our activities can you help us apply for grants or have fundraising ideas?

Whilst we’ve tried our best with this website…it’s not our forte! We clearly need your help with design – web, logo, flyers. We also need support building an online presence. Do you have any whizzy skills to offer?

Driving/Pick Ups
We need help picking up our order from Fareshare and occasional pick ups of resources or supplementary food. Can you drive and have access to a car to occasionally help with ad hoc driving?

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